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Candidate Assessment

Candidate assessment can add significant value to the recruitment process and complements information gained through search, preliminary interview, referencing and qualification checks. 

It can also be a useful predictor of actual performance in post, by providing objective information on:

  • How Candidates will fit within certain work environments and teams
  • How Candidates will cope with different job requirements 

Measuring a Candidate’s fit with an Organisation is often a critical factor in making successful appointments. Asset Executive Search has considerable expertise of tailoring the assessment processes to meet our Client’s requirements.

We can advise on assessment options that reflect the nature of the type and nature of the role that is being filled. We have at our disposal, a range of tools that can be combined in order to meet the particular needs of each Client.

Ability Tests

Ability tests measure a Candidate’s intellectual ability, particularly around logical and analytical reasoning. Results can be linked to specific skill requirements of a role and can help predict performance with regard to critical areas of need in an Organisation.

Personality Questionnaires

Personality questionnaires consider a Candidate’s preferences in the workplace and their reaction to a given set of circumstances. They can help indicate whether someone is suited to a particular Organisational environment and culture. They also offer an insight into personal motivation and values. 

When applied to whole teams, they can be useful indicators of dynamics. As the questionnaires are self-administered and online, they do not add significant burden upon Candidate time and involvement.

Management Judgement

Management Judgement exercises provide information on a Candidate’s ability to comprehend and analyse information, often in a subject area that is pertinent to the role itself.

Through facing a number of issues 'typical' to the role in the format of emails, faxes or other forms of communication, individuals are expected to make decisions as to how they would act in a particular situation and offer reasons why they would take a particular course of action. They offer a good insight into a Candidate’s decision-making ability in a management situation.

All of the above tools can be used as part of the approach.  However we also design further dynamic exercises that test other aspects of fit.Psychological interviews can also form a critical element particularly when there is significant risk involved in a role.

Naturally the comprehensive nature of this process means that Clients receive a very detailed picture of a Candidate approach, ability and style.  However it is also worth noting that in our experience, this a very useful exercise for the applicants themselves providing them with feedback and an assessment of any developmental areas.

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